In 20 years we have grown

That’s why we want to give you the opportunity to start
a journey to our past and rediscover our dolls. In this section
you can request an access to download our catalogs and
discover anecdotes and curiosities about each of them.

Our catalogs since 1997


Our origins

It was already 21 years ago! Our 1997 catalog was very special as we started it with our most representative dolls sitting and placed forming a group photograph. By then we presented an idea of multiculturalism, with dolls from different countries and different professions. The most “rustic” touch was achieved at the photographs of the dolls in the special design interiors, mostly decorated with wooden trunks as props. It was our first catalog made in the most artisan and crafts way possible.


That year, we launched our first printed catalog where we included our first soft bodied dolls and packaging for the outfits of the different models that we designed at that time. We also introduced our series of 36 cm more classical dolls.


Our range of dolls grows just as well as the number of countries where we sell our dolls. That year was marked by the introduction of 22 cm dolls that are our current Paolitos which are present in our catalogue till present days with just minor changes in their clothing. We also included new 60 cm dolls newborns, mannequin dolls  and our first series of dolls with mechanism that laughed.

We started our journey internationally by attending the Toy Fair in Nürnberg as visitors. A great experience.


Year of change from Peseta to Euro…. The computer catastrophe was presaged. But after the bells rang, a one more year started. A year when we incorporated more of new faces of soft dolls models in our catalogue.


It was the year during which we made a very important change in terms of clothing lines for dolls. We opted for very soft coloured fabrics because the girls were enthusiastic about that and we received a lot of demand. The Carlos and Carol family was born. A couple of 40 cm adorable with trendy outfit and wearing leather shoes. A very elegant family.


By this year we already had 174 references in our catalogue. And the dolls were made with diversity of skin color types. It was like world demand, you had to adapt to the trends. It was our first time at the Toy Fair in Nürnberg after several years of waiting. A unique experience..


This year we made the great jump towards Internationalization. Opening markets such as Israel and Australia among others..


This catalogue was very special, because it was made in the interiors with its furniture, making look it a still life. We launched our first sets of clothes with hangers as accessories.


We presented the first doll of 40 cm type mannequin with body made by extrusion blow molding. A type of production in which we were not accustomed to work. We introduced Nelly with some very modern outfits.


It is the beginning of the launch of our 32cm Amiga Doll that today continues to be our top sales  product in this segment of Doll mannequin.

We also bet strongly on a catalog design giving space for more detailed explanations about the products and the history of the Company.


We completely changed the format of the catalog, and filled it with many decorative details like balloons……… We presented 21 cm novelties such as the Peques and the baby Meons that curiously did pipi after they drank from the bottle. The dolls of 60 cm became then be our highest quality target.


That year we dared with dolls with mechanism. The models Alex and Sonia of nowadays cry and say mama-papa if you remove the pacifier…A cutie-pie!

And it was so obvious that our collection was growing in models quantity and market coverings.


That year was marked by our great jump to Eastern Europe, when we consolidated our presence on a dynamic and changing market of Russia. Paola Reina began its expansion.


That catalogue had 110 pages and more than 300 dolls of our different collections. We also counted on the collaboration of the German artist Ruth Treffeisen, who collaborated with the development of the design of some models of Amigas of 32 cm.


During that year we tried to make with new models of dolls like hairstyling heads, Monsters and Angels dolls of 32 cm. The latter even had their wings!

We managed to adapt our products to all ages and also covered a wider range of sales channels which included from souvenir shops to the special collectionable shops or websites. By then we were present in more than 25 countries …



That year we started the collection of Amigas Gymnasts which included accessories such as tape, ball, hoop and maces … A complete gymnast equipment. Our Russian representative was so enthusiast about it that he even sponsored children’s gymnastics championships in which Paola Reina was a collaborator. Up to nowadays it is still hold and called Paola Reina cup.

During that year we included a new collection of the 24 cm Alfis dolls, which were gnomes or wood spirits with different colors of clothes which identified them.


It was a special year as we started it with 2 catalogues instead of 1!  One called “Crear Jugando” whose content would be dolls destined more for the game due to its design. And the second one was called “Dolls with Love”, focused on some dolls destined for collecting it.


Within the world of Licenses, we began our collaboration with Real Madrid, through Adidas for the manufacture and marketing of our products under this license. Paola Reina was already present in 30 countries.


It was crucial for the development of a project, which we were meditating for several years, before taking the step.

Santoro London proposed us the possibility of manufacturing and distributing their “Gorjuss” line exclusively. This offer was based on their desire to contact a company that could offer them the quality and safety of a product.

Before its launch, the development process of both the commercial part and design and development, took us 10 months…

Nowadays it is an incomparable product line…


We continue to develop product designs and open markets.  Nowadays Paola Reina´s hard working brought its products to the Chinese, American and Latin American markets. And our expansion reaches 40 countries…


In 2019, Paola Reina celebrated her 25th anniversary as a doll manufacturing specialist, offering a wide and extensive catalog.